5 Green Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs


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by Desmund Ullrich

February 25, 2020 8 min read

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The Green Revolution, aka the Third Agricultural Revolution, is upon us. For me, the Green Revolution is anything that has to do with eco-friendliness and earning some green - pun intended.

Going green is not something that an Urban Entrepreneur typically considers when going into business, however, this industry is booming and will only continue to grow - so take advantage of these green business ideas.

While worm farming is a thing, we have some more practical approaches to cashing in on this trend. I think you should consider these 5 Green Eco-Friendly business ideas below before moving on to something more unconventional.

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1. Organic or Local Gardens

According to an article by Home Advisor, in inner cities vacant lots range from $350 to $8,000 with an average cost of $1.28-$2.00 per square foot. With the trend for “locally grown” peaking there is nothing but potential to sell at farmers' markets and fairs. How much more local can you get than the neighborhood corner? If you aren’t much of a farmer, you can also lease the space out as a community garden and allow your neighbors to farm the land for their own benefit. Just make sure that there are no strange zoning laws against your crop before purchasing land.

2. Natural Beauty Products

Chances are you probably stock up every time you see the “oilman” - that one guy with the tiny glass vials of fragranced body oils strapped to his topcoat, dealing them like narcotics. What if we told you that you can create these at home yourself by combining a carrier oil (like almond oil) and some naturally fragranced essential oils? Hands down we bet some of you would save your 5 for $20. 

Many products have these homemade recipes and those vials are less than 1.00 each on eBay. They also go for $15 or more on Etsy as a final product with a pretty label. If you decide to sell to the public we suggest being as detailed as possible about the ingredients and allergy warnings. Remember to go through my referral link for extra goodies.

3. Eco-Friendly Beauty Salon

These places are popping up everywhere! We are sure you have passed one or two nail salons that have glass bowls instead of pedicure chairs or dry hair salons that encourage their clients to wash before arrival. These green solutions not only save you on start-up costs, but they also attract a niche market of returning customers. Best of all you can even throw in your own homemade beauty products for a second passive income stream - see what we did there.

4. Upcycle Furniture

We are still surprised by the number of people not doing this, especially with shows like HGTV’s Flea Market Flip that shows people buying furniture for dollars - flipping, and sell them for hundreds. If the furniture is recycled, it saves our planet from losing trees and also other materials and the energy involved in producing new furniture. People eat that crap up and with apps like Facebook Marketplace, Upsell, Offer Up, and LetGo there are plenty of free listing potential.

Green Business Ideas - Pedicap Driver

5. Start a Pedicab Rental

I am pretty sure you have seen them around - the hipsters with the bikes and the carriers on the back for passengers. Did you know that many of those are rented daily?! There are even pedicab billboards that can be sold for advertising space. All you need is a little bit of storage and a good builder. I suggest looking into LegalZoom for some liability waivers and insurance if you are going to the big leagues.

As you can see, the green trades can be a nifty source of business development with some unsaturated potential. When it comes to the environment - everyone is a stakeholder so choosing these business models over others already opens your doors to some investment potential.




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