5 Reasons Why You Aren't Feeling Your Logo Design



by Desmund Ullrich

March 10, 2020 5 min read

Pop Culture Geek | Content Strategist | Marketing Manager

A personal logo is in every professional’s repertoire, it helps to give their work a unique identity. As an urban entrepreneur, this is logo must project your professionalism to your target audience but also stand apart from other companies as something familiar and inviting. Your logo will help you to create your brand awareness.

That is why your logo needs to have the right combination of colour schemes, fonts and designs that will give it a simple and unique finished look. The last thing you’d want is for your logo to look like a cliché. That said, here are some of the reasons why you are currently not feeling the vibe from your logo.

1. Your logo doesn’t portray your personality and profession.

The logo you design should be a reflection of what you do and more importantly who you are. If you cannot feel your logo, therefore it means that it lacks in these two aspects. Simply, it means that your logo doesn’t give your audience the best way to perceive your brand.

Steampunk barista

2. Your logo is probably a cliché.

The most important thing when making a logo is ensuring that it is unique. This is to mean that the logo should come in a unique blend of shapes, colours and fonts which are totally different from those of your competitors.

The reason why you are not feeling your logo is that it contains clichéd elements that your audience have seen everywhere. This, therefore, makes your audience less likely to emotionally respond to it.

3. Your logo is too complex.

When making the ideal logo for your brand, it needs to be simple no matter the idea you have in mind. People like a logo that is straightforward and they can tell what it means just from a glance. If they don’t get the message from the word go, there is a high chance that they will ignore it. 

Probably this is the reason why you are not feeling your logo as well. Make sure you put into consideration all the minimalistic principles while making your logo. Focus only on the elements that will ‘speak’ for your company.

The simplicity and small technical elements in the logo I created for tech blogger and Youtuber ShawnBNice is just one example of how minimalism can go a long way. His logo serves many purchases, can be used in many applications, and can be added to almost any tagline. 

swag merchandise for Shawnbnice

4. The colours in your logo don’t evoke the right emotions

The colour scheme you choose for your logo does a lot to the way your audience perceives it. A logo that will evoke the right emotions will make it easier to push for conversions. Every colour shade is capable of stimulating your audience with various emotions.

If you can’t feel the logo you have for your brand, then it means that you used the wrong colour combinations. Before creating your logo, make sure that you learn all the basic colours as well as their meanings.

5. Your logo is not timeless.

When designing a logo, you don’t want to be in a position where you have to redesign your logo after every two years. While this might help you to follow some of the trendy styles, trends fade away fast and people will quickly perceive it as old fashioned. This means that neither you nor your audience will feel your logo after a few years.




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