The 7 Website Design Tips You Need in 2020


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by Desmund Ullrich

March 24, 2020 11 min read

Pop Culture Geek | Content Strategist | Marketing Manager

Most of us have gone into the real world of online business not knowing what the hell we are doing. But, it doesn't matter if you get your kicks in eCommerce, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, or whatever it's 2020, competition is heavy, and you can no longer afford a crappy site.The items on your website make a difference in gaining new clients. Look at these tips below and match them up against your website for comparison, these 10 website design tips will help you glow up and get ahead.

1. Limit the amount of options and actions on your page.

Most of us, Millennials and older, come from a time of Angelfire, AOL, and Myspace. For this reason we think websites should have a full menu that includes a “Home”, “Blog”, “News”, “Weather”, “Stocks”, “Contact”, “About”, or whatever else you can find on a website. What we don’t realize is that providing all those options distracts potential clients and customers from doing what we really want them to do - Book. That SEO guru Neil Patel suggests is eliminating all these options, selecting one action, and providing multiple buttons and links to that action. Simple logic. Mind blown. See more suggestions from Neil on his article "Are You Making These Common Website Navigation Mistakes?".

Website Design Tips - Too Many Links

2. Engage your visitors first.

Whether it is a poll, free eBook (hint, hint), exclusive video, or quiz - engaging with your visitors increases your conversion over a simple “subscribe now” form. Think Instagram stories on this one. How much interaction do you get when you add that Yes or No question to your selfie versus when it’s gone? Just like with stories there are apps and plug-ins, like Lead Quizzes, that you can add to your site with a click of a button to do the same.

3. Use an exit pop-up that collects emails.

If you pay attention to no other website design tips on this page, be sure to use this one. Most of us set up pages on Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, or other drag and drop web builders because we are business owners not Web Developers. The benefits of these accounts are that they come with all the things we need to do business without having to learn coding - this includes those exit pop-ups and we use them but in a half-assed way. Once you begin to collect emails on these pop-ups you get that second or third attempt at turning your leads into paying customers.

4. Use a long-form call to action.

First, you may be asking yourself what is a "long-form". This just refers to the length of words - we suggest using call to actions longer than one word. All too often we far into the one word "subscribe", "download", "read", etc. According to online advertising blog, Wordstream, longer call to actions increase conversion. Think "Try this Course" rather than "Try" or "Join".

Website Design Tips - Long Call to Actions

5. Insert images and content that relate to both your product or message.

Recently, I looked back at a client I worked and saw an image of a bottle of castor oil with their product as well as a blog post on castor oil. Apparently, this ingredient has some amazing benefits but isn't found in the company's products themselves. Not only is this misleading, but the person convinced by the castor oil post and image will exit the site and look for a product that includes these benefits. Don't risk losing customers because your images and content aren't tailored.

6. Reduce Irrelevant or Outdated Form Field

Why do you need Sally's name, email, phone, and address? Will you be sending her a Christmas card from your blog site? Chances are you may not need as much information as you have listed on those forms. If that's not motivation enough, case studies provided by Venture Harbor shows that the longer your forms are the lower your conversion remains. It may be worth it to at least remove the addresses from your forms in 2020.

7. Remove Dead Social Proof

Nothing will kill your vibe more than a blog post with zero comments or linking social media accounts that have no followers. Opt to leave them off until you can gain traction or make it your primary focus, otherwise you may be giving your visitors the impression that no one is reading your articles.

While these are some simple changes you can make right now, there are also some more technical changes that you must focus on in order to increase your sales. If you want more information on building your contact list, optimizing your landing pages, and converting your audience be sure to check out my eBook Make Magic Happen. I’ll let you in on a secret, implementing one of these tactics increased our conversion to 43%. Can you guess which one?




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