Building your Personal Brand
in 6 Steps


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by Desmund Ullrich

March 3, 2020 5 min read

Pop Culture Geek | Content Strategist | Marketing Manager

Scaling your business is one of the hardest things for young entrepreneurs. It gets even harder is you don’t have a strong personal brand identity. When people don’t have a clear picture of who you are, it’s more likely that they won’t buy your digital products. 

That said, brand awareness and learning how to position your brand is crucial for better success of your business. When you make people aware of your brand and products, then there is a higher chance of generating profits. 

If you feel like you don’t know where to start, there is no need to worry. This guide got you covered on that. We will discuss how you can create a strong personal brand both on and off social media.

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1. Identify and write down your core values.

You need to be aware of what you would like your audience to receive from your content. Here we are not talking about the tangible things but feelings that you intend to evoke from your audience with your content.

Choose something unique for your brand and let your customers feel something different with you than with the other brands. More importantly, ensure that you funnel your content towards the values that you choose for your brand.

2. Build a strong social media presence.

You need to channel your energy in at least two social media platforms where your audience can get to interact with you. Though the popular suggestion is one, I suggest two for very particular reasons. One of the platforms that you choose needs to be long-form where you can get to add high value to your audience. This could be YouTube, Facebook, podcast among others. 

The other social media platform need to have high engagement, for instance, Instagram or Twitter; two main places where you can build your community is enough rather than pushing your audience back and forth along 4 or 5 platforms.

3. Have clarity and consistency.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be clear on the services you offer and who your target audience is. You need to be in a position to explain your business in a way that will keep your audience engaged. Also, you need to be consistent in your graphic designs. This is by choosing a unique theme, colour schemes and fonts that your audience can relate specifically to your brand. 

The consistency in your branding needs to be seen not only in the way you present yourself graphically but also in the way you offer your services. Make sure your customer service is great and that you offer quality services in a timely manner. Your core values should not only live on social media but reflect in human interactions as well.

4. Walk the Walk.

With the new and improved social media, we can now push our own personal brand to the world even if it’s not something that we truly believe in. So, there are thousands of social media marketers who don’t actually act the same way they do on camera. That’s all in the name of trying to get a lot of followers while marketing their personal brand. 

If you are not able to have a great customer service or if you can’t act the same way you portray yourself to be on social media, then, by all means, that’s not your personal brand. In the end, you will really tarnish your brand if you don’t follow through the image that you are creating on social media. 

Building your Personal Brand

5. Know your audience.

Each content that you produce should be targeted to a certain type of audience and demographic. For instance, if your personal brand is all about travel, then you need to know your type of audience and who will listen to your content. Therefore, you need to ensure that your audience can relate to your content.

6. Be you.

It all boils down to you. Make sure your personal brand is a reflection of yourself. Things like your logo or your name, are elements that you can change. But who you are is not something that you can change. 

It will be very difficult for you to present yourself on social media if it’s not the real you. Whatever you love, then make sure it’s what you present to the world on and off social media. 

Final verdict.

There you have it! You need to invest in yourself if you hope to make any money from your brand someday. That means you need to be serious with your personal branding. More importantly, join a club or take courses where necessary. Don’t scrimp on yourself.




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