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by Desmund Ullrich

April 7, 2020 12 min read

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Way back in the day, the pre-industrial word was teeming with low-income living and less than luxurious city settings. Later, with the development of machines, so came the birth of urbanization, which many consider being the delivery of modern design.

From this industrial world came the development of complex housing systems, highways, and the growth of the retail environment; all of which have components that have been greatly affected by design.

Currently, one cannot live a day without coming face to face with the influences of the art of design. The impacts can be seen in fine arts, retail, enterprise, government, and even the psyche that makes up your personality.

To understand the influences of good design, we must first come to an understanding of what design truly is. Design can be the art found in a building, advertisement, artwork, or technical system. Design can also be the foundation of structure, plan, or policy found in many different works.

Though many see design as being influential of only the tangible elements of the world, Piaget’s Stages of Development reveals quite a different story. In this lesson from sociology, the development of “self” or characteristics that make up who we think that we are come from what is taught by parents and what is learned through interactions with our community, gathered from our environment and developed from the stimuli of the media we consume.

In our communities and environments, good design has helped generate manners of living formed around the structures in which we live, the layout of the neighborhood streets, and even our surrounding landscapes. Likewise, design has affected our visual and verbal forms of communication such as the advances of the phone and email systems. Design has also affected the ways in which we learn or gather knowledge from various sources. The design of resources and technologies, like radio transmissions and wireless systems, has increased the timing and frequency in which these sources can be accessed for operation.

The Designer Influence of Coca-Cola

Even consumer trends in the purchasing of goods are affected by design.

In the world of retail, products have distinctive appearances that are recognized by the general public (think Coke) and stores have branded designs that we have all grown accustomed to. Store plans are made to cater to the appealing eye and to remind the buyer of the convenience of having many different items under one roof (think Target).

Now everything from published advertisements to commercial sets has particular, notable designs produced by collective contributions. Kids can now identify logos and brands before developing the ability to read and write.

Personal appearance is also affected by the designs of the world that surrounds us. 

Styles in clothing trends are no different to the influence of design, even those re-established from previous eras are all trimmed according to an accentuating design.

Design effects styles of shoes, hair, grooming, and other elements of personal appearances. Vidal Sassoon, one of the most notable hairstylists in the world, has even revealed that his famous "asymmetrical, multipoint" haircuts were influenced by the architectural rise of the mod designs of the later 1950s and early 1960s. Design, especially the eccentric "Art Deco" style, can be revealed in wedding gowns, baking, and makeup artistry. Yep, that’s one of those things we actually learned in Art History.

Even in healthcare new hospital designs are popping up all over the country.

Most recently in Chicago, Rush University's Medical Center has incorporated a "butterfly" design to make it easier for possible quarantine situations. Both healthcare and government organization designs are essential to the day to day operations of those associations. Building assemblies have been designed to be architecturally uniform, recognizable, and more than anything stable. These constructions are able to withstand the wear of everyday use, damages caused by the patrons, weather, or unsightly destruction caused by war or attack.

Rush University Hospital Chicago Good Design

Naturally, the needed transformation in design is influenced and affected by the inhabitants calling for the change. Design is significant in every aspect that involves human life, aiding in the development or change of an individual. 

Design has supported many fragments of our society for centuries, there is even evidence that design has affected agriculture prior to the Industrial Revolution.

Currently, there is also a new need for design as the “Green” Revolution progresses and all areas of fine arts, retail, enterprise, government, and psyche will be subjective to this change. Design has brought our humanity to what it is today and will continue to aid in its progression. 

Take the time to see how design has influenced you and use it as an advantage in setting you aside from your competitor. Starting with you logo, read my post "5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Feeling Your Logo Design" now.




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