On the Come Up - The Origin of the Urban Entrepreneur


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Urban Entrepreneur Barber

by Desmund Ullrich

March 31, 2020 5 min read

Pop Culture Geek | Content Strategist | Marketing Manager

Entrepreneurs, with no doubt, have the chance to reside anywhere in the world while focusing on the industry of their choice. As for the urban entrepreneur though, they tend to embed in their social-ecological environments; they are living in and drawing certain influences from them. This is to mean that they are tapping on the resources that the cities have to offer so as to foster the innovations they have in their communities.

An urban entrepreneur will start a business with no resources and work towards building their brand to success. In other cases, they can use street smarts as well as a blend of books that will enable them to run their businesses accordingly. That said, here are a few things that you need to know about urban entrepreneurs. 

Bespoke urban entrepreneur

1. Urban Entrepreneurs are agile and passionate.

The urban entrepreneurs are agile enough to stand in between the business smarts and street smarts. They admire the business personalities who made use of the street acquired skills hence helping them to run their business. A global icon who started out as an urban entrepreneur is Jay-Z.

On the Come Up - The Origin of the Urban Entrepreneur

2. Being an urban entrepreneur requires you to choose a different path from everyone else.

As an urban entrepreneur, you need to be full of creative ideas and resourcefulness. You need to be able to create resources when they are limited and remain positive even when you face challenges along the way. In some cases, you will even be surprised how limited resources could be your source of entrepreneurship.

3. An urban entrepreneur is required to do what is needed most from their heart.

Urban entrepreneurs have a common characteristic of wanting to fill market gaps whenever possible. In most cases, urban entrepreneurship could begin from a young age depending on the challenges that you went through while growing up. These challenges transform the lives of urban entrepreneurs making them want to find solutions for these problems.

4. Urban entrepreneurs show a high level of creative freedom and financial independence.

Most urban entrepreneurs are a great inspiration to other urban youths in their streets. Hence, they inspire them to follow their dreams despite the challenges they are currently going through.

Urban entrepreneurs always have a very high priority for giving back to the community they grew up in. Urban entrepreneurs will build a legacy for themselves but they will not forget where they came from. 

urban entrepreneur at farmers market

5. Urban entrepreneurs have the skill to bring out the best out of people.

Urban entrepreneurs are selfless and they believe in building empires that thrive on their community. Therefore, directing their energy to the people who make their ideas successful. 

They believe that success doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t help other people who are not as privileged as you along the way. Hence, urban entrepreneurs will always leave a trace of inspiration along the way in order to show the young urban entrepreneur in the streets the way.




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