Woke Customers Can't Be Bought They Can Only Be Nurtured


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by Desmund Ullrich

May 5, 2020 5 min read

Pop Culture Geek | Content Strategist | Marketing Manager

There’s no denying it. Whether people are located in urban or rural area they are all consumers. However, their locale tends to have a certain influence on their buying behavior among other dissimilarities, like how they use certain products and how they make their decisions regarding the buying of things. In other words, some customers are "woke" and can't be bought; specifically urban consumers. If you are ready to reach out to a community of like-minded customers you have to put down the bells, whistles, and appeal to your tribe upfront.

With the current trend, the consumer profile, and eco-political state of our country, the truthworthiness that urbanites bestow is also changing. This is majorly driven by factors such as value change, rising incomes, and the age bracket of the consumers, among other factors that we need not mention. That said, in this article, we will discuss how companies can navigate the complex and diverse urban consumer with the aim of getting better sales while cultivating passionate followers.

Here are five ways to market to the urban consumer.

1. Take advantage of the trends in the community.

This will first require you to learn the current trends in your community and that can be hard for the disassociated few. But, try to learn what’s intriguing in the eyes of the urban consumer.

Let’s say for instance; since everyone uses shopping bags, you could use them as a way of providing and ensuring that your brand has continued exposure. Make fancy shopping bags that probably have your brand on it. At this point, your only limitation is your creativity.

There's nothing cheap about it. We like our things to reflect the level of respect that we deserve. We like things to be upfront, direct, and uncensored - it also doesn't hurt to laugh at our trends.

2. Use street campaigns.

This is another great way to market to urban consumers. You can probably have a team that is dressed in outfits that reflect your brand. The use of such costumes helps to grab the attention of potential customers, shows that you care about your business, and how you reflect on the community. That effort to uplift the community in such a small gesture is the ultimate status of being woke.

On the same note, you could have either trucks, cars, or trains decorated in an unusual way (representing your brand) on both the inside and the outside. This is one of the easiest ways to grab the attention of the urban consumers and having them take a closer look at the message you are conveying. 


3. Create or sponsor a unique space. 

This is a bold move that requires a lot of creativity from you. It is a marketing tactic that includes the use of spaces such as lifts and elevators to market your wares. These are facilities that are often in use so they will give you better exposure.

4. Creatively stand out from your competitors.

Definitely, there are many ways through which you can stand out from your competitors. You just have to think outside the box. For instance, you could consider creative street art that will either advertise your services or rather your brand in a way that captures the attention of your audience.

A well planned, company sponsored mural would capture the attention of most people on the street and provide additional jobs in the community for those who create or maintain it. That being the case, you can use it as a way of reaching out to people about a certain resort and its location. Again, how can you be woke if you are taking money and not looking for ways to give back.


5. Know your audience.

Urban centers tend to be more populated as compared to other locations. That is why, if you are wondering how to market to such an audience, you first need to have customized advertisements for your target audience.

There are so many messages out there that are all vying for their attention. I wouldn’t say you go for the one-on-one approach as this would be taken with a lot of suspicions. But rather a hands-off style like billboards expressing a recent trend that your brand is working on.




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