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What is Microblogging?

When considering this definition, it’s easy to say that microbloggers either exclusively share on these platforms without a website or to drive traffic.

banned hashtags

Are there banned hashtags on Instagram?

There is no question that our beloved platform has become spammer heaven. To avoid being unfairly blocked consult our list of banned hashtags.

Is Fiverr a Scam

It's 2020, do you still think Fiverr is a scam?

Choosing a Seller is a task you shouldn’t take with a light-heart, this is the reason why so many people feel like Fiverr is a scam. Check out these tips of protection.

Memes in Social Media Marketing

How to Use Memes for Social Media Marketing

What's more viral than a meme? Simply put, here's how to use memes for social media marketing.

Build Your Brand Using Instagram Grids

5 Ways to Build Your Brand Using Instagram Grids

Instagram is all visual and we believe aesthetics matter. Learn to share your non-visual message in clever ways with these Instagram Grids.

Woke Customers

Woke Customers Cant Be Bought Only Nurtured

We believe in tribes and select those who self describe as "woke". If you are ready to reach out to a community of like-minded customers here are a few tips.

Pump Shoe Store

7 Ways To Grow Your Business In The New Era Of Classified Ads

Classified ads are not dead in the sense that you may believe. They are very much alive and well— they have just evolved beyond your recognition.

Simple Logo on Neon Sign

5 Reasons You're Not Feeling Your Logo Design

As Business Owners we tend to get stuck on our idea of how our logo should look. Learn the important attributes of logo design and how customers see your brand.

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Building your Personal Brand in 6 Steps

When people don’t have a clear picture of who you are, they are less likely to purchase your products. Building your personal brand is crucial to your success.

Man with Bulls Jersey

How Good Design is Helping Business Owners Win

Design has brought humanity to what it is today. Take the time to see how good design has influenced you and use it to your advantage.

Latinx Barber

On the Come Up - The Origin of the Urban Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have unique freedoms while focusing on their coin. That's why the urban entrepreneur is on the come up, escaping their economic state.

Website Design Tips You Need in 2020

7 Website Design Tips You Need in 2020

It's 2020, competition is heavy, and you can no longer afford a crappy site. These 10 website design tips will help you glow up and get ahead.

Graffiti Artist

6 Design Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners

Most design work can be done with hiring a designer Just be sure to read through this list in order to avoid some of the most common design mistakes.

Woman on Phone

How to Choose Trending Products to Sell Online

It may be something you absolutely love, but it may not make you money. Here's how to make a profit and choose trending products.

Girl with Afro on Tablet

5 Ways to Start an Online Business Without a Website

There are so many alternatives to a site. Outside of Facebook and Instagram, these are our favorite alternatives to start an online business without a website.

Pedicab Driver

5 Green Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Going green is not something that an Urban Entrepreneur typically considers, but here are 5 Green Business Ideas to help you cash in on the eco-friendly trend.

Urban Entreprenuer

10 Blogs that Actually Provide Small Business Tools

Some of blogs actually lure you to buy into whatever small business they are trying to sell. These are the 10 blogs that actually provide small business tools.

Photography Studio

8 Tips to Consider Before You Lease Small Office Space

Our first caution for you is that if you think you need a space, you probably don’t. If you want the truth we'll give you 8 Tips to Consider Before You Lease Small Office Space.



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