Nica G.

I specialize in curly hair care, bold color, smoothing services and most of all HEALTHY HAIR. I love bringing my clients joy, boosting their confidence, and acing the look they desired.

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"I’ve been blessed by Nica since June and honestly, she’s the best thing to ever happen to my hair. First things first, she’s AMAZING! She explains everything very thoroughly while being honest. I really love that she’s into healthy hair and not just a hairstyle. She’s very sweet and I am grateful to have her as my beautician. The quality of her services are LITERALLY UNMATCHED. Thank you for taking care of my hair." - Aleia A. | 09.26.2019

Nica G.

Master Stylist

No Curl Denied

847 W. Monroe St, STE 1B
Chicago,IL 60607
@no_curl_denied (view profile)


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